Day 3 – Quick Weight Loss Journey

Weight 218.4

Yesterday was easier until after dinner. My worst times are mid afternoon and right after dinner.

I used to be a smoker. Not a heavy smoker but after dinner was always when I craved it the most. When I quit smoking, I traded cigarettes for sweets. Promptly gained 40 lbs. which is part of what I’m trying to lose. I quit smoking about 10 years ago.

Even before then, I’ve always been heavy. Not to the level I am now, but heavy. I’ll never be a twiggy and don’t expect to be.

So last night I had a little popsicle. One of those mini ones that are only 40 cals and about 9 gms of sugars I think. I’ll have to check the box again, but I get them at our Sav-a-lot here and they are marketed towards the Mexican population. They are really good and just enough of a treat but I wanted more afterwards.

Well, I finally took my measurements. Staggering.

I try to promote accepting of oneself, but I’ll be honest. I have never accepted myself. I’ve always felt embarrassed about my weight. I just want to be thin. And healthy.

Measurements are in inches.

Neck 16.5

Arm 14.5

Breasts 46

Chest 43

Waist 42

Hips 49

Thighs 28



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