Day 2 – Quick Weight Loss Journey

Morning Weight: 219.4

BMI: 33.3

Body Fat: 42.7%

Muscle Mass 25.0

Water Weight 43.0%

Bone Mass 2.9%

Here is the scale I’m using.

I’m probably not going to do this every day. Although, it would create a huge amount of content if I did. Plus, it would really help me to track my food, exercise and other issues. Not sure yet. This could just wind up being a diary of my struggle with weight loss.

I might find some of the photos I took last year and post them just to keep a visual track.

Yesterday was VERY challenging. I stuck to the plan until right before bed, when I went downstairs to make sure things were locked up. There was a container of generic Nutella sitting on the counter that I went to put away. I couldn’t help stick my finger in it to have a little taste. Wasn’t that good, but the peanut butter was. Because that’s what was in the pantry and I stuck my finger in there as well.

Was less than 1/4 teaspoon, but I cheated.

Not surprised I had a loss. If I eat like this, I always have a loss because I’m basically super low carb.

I did start to get a headache, but just really drank a lot of water and that seemed to help.







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