It’s not just about weight…It’s about health!

It’s been a year since I started this blog. My goal originally was to make it a weight loss blog, but life had other plans for me. I had been a fledgling fiction author for the last several years and thought I was going to be able to make a sustainable income doing that.

But things have changed in the self-publishing world, and I’ve realized that I suck at writing fiction. I never read fiction before writing it and didn’t think it would be nearly as hard as it was. I did manage to put out several novels under different pen names in different genres. Nothing really took off and the self-publishing market is very cut-throat.

The other half of that is my health has really taken a lot of hits this year and that has really made me evaluate what is important. I’ve always been a big girl. Always. I’ve always wanted to be a skinny girl. Or at least less fat. When I was younger, I could easily try a diet plan and stick to it and lose weight. But I also smoked which helped to keep me from snacking. Anyone who says quitting smoking won’t make you gain weight is a liar. Period. I gained 40 pounds in six months after quitting. And have held onto it since.

It’s not always about hunger. It’s about the stuff that is in the foods that is addictive. That is also what poisons our bodies. Chemicals, artificial sweeteners, gmo foods, pesticides…all that stuff is poison. And the chemicals are added to make it addictive.

So this past year, my health has gone downhill in such a way that I’m completely changing out our diet. It’s not a fast process. Changing habits is hard and trying to do it all at once is impossible when you are addicted to some types of food.

I’ve read a lot of books about just eliminating wheat, sugar, dairy and all processed foods. And ideally, that’s what we should do. But how awful would life be if all you had to eat or enjoy is raw veggies and a few proteins? Pretty boring really. And forget about having a BBQ with friends or traditional Thanksgiving dinners.

The flip side is that if you don’t make dietary changes, how much pain do you need to be in to make the changes needed to get into health? I can tell you that a lot of you are probably like me. Which means, you get to the point where the pain is daily and your tired of being in pain. That’s what this last year has been for me. Getting to the point that I don’t want to feel old, tired and in pain anymore.


So what are we to do? If you are in the same position as I am, you have a husband or family that may be resistant to a complete food overhaul. Hell, even I’m resistant. But I do know there are ways to make things that taste good, but are healthier albeit not always low calorie.

And that is the direction this blog is going. Sure, I want to lose weight, but more importantly, I want to be healthier than I am today. It’s a few weeks away from Christmas, but I’m not waiting until the new year.

It’s time to start thinking TODAY about what we can do to make our health better.

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