How To Eliminate And Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally


If you’ve never had a kidney stone before, It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The pain will bring most people to tears. It did me.

Up until this month, I’d never experienced a kidney stone and never thought I would. But I had been really working a lot and drinking mostly organic iced tea and organic decaf coffee.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem, BUT, I wasn’t drinking any water.

That, combined with juicing a lot of beets into one of my juice drinks may have been what caused my kidney stone.

Long story short, I woke up and did my morning bathroom break but noticed my side was hurting a little, kind of like a menstrual cramp, but only on one side. It wasn’t time for me to start yet so I just figured I might have pulled a muscle. I went back to bed and my husband went to work.

Within an hour, the pain in my side had gotten so bad that I began vomiting bile and was so shaky that I figured I had maybe gotten some kind of food poisoning or something. My side was hurting but it was radiating into the front, not the back where the kidneys are.

In between trips to the bathroom, I began to research appendicitis. I thought maybe it was my appendix because of where the pain was located. But after reading about where the pain was located and pushing around on the front of my abdomen, I realized that was not where the pain was coming from. As I traced the pain I finally realized it was coming from my back over my kidney.

Once I started looking at the symptoms, I knew it was a kidney stone. From there, it was researching natural remedies because I won’t go to the doctor unless I can arrive in an ambulance. I knew this wasn’t ambulance worthy, although I had a few thoughts about calling it in anyway.

Bottom line…it took me almost 3 weeks to actually get close to normal and even now I’m still dealing with the residual pain. However, I was able to remedy the stones.

My main goal was to stop the nausea. If I could keep water down that would start the process but I couldn’t keep anything down for the first several hours. After that subsided, I began taking sips of water and continued that for the duration of the day.

I learned about two products that helped me get through this in addition to Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice and water, and eating a lot of watermelon.

The first one was called Stone Free. It really did seem to help within 24 hours of taking it. A word of warning though…it will make your urine smell like cat pee. But believe me, you won’t care if the pain subsides.

The second item was called Chanca Piedra. It is known as the “stone breaker”. I began taking it about a week afterward when I realized that the stones were still there. Within two weeks, I was back on the road to recovery and back to better habits.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Magnesium citrate, a complex B vitamin with extra vitamin B6, lots of stevia sweetened lemonade along with a healthy diet will not allow kidney stones of significant size to form.

Harvard researchers found that 180 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of B6 taken daily can actually prevent 92.3% of kidney stones. Other studies show huge reductions with magnesium alone at 500mg a day.

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