How A Pedicure Can Improve Your Life

How A Pedicure Can Improve Your Life

My feet hurt. Like, all the time it seems. I know, I need to work out more and lose more weight. I’m working on it.

In the meantime, I try to alleviate stress the best way I know how. Sometimes, that means a little bit of pampering. Now, I’m not one to spend a fortune on my hair. Maybe I should, because I need a haircut. But I try to save a little money by doing most things myself.

In fact, I’m an avid DIY’er and just remodeled my office and even built a desk. That will be coming up in a future post. But the one thing I have a hard time with is doing my own pedicure.

So I began to seek out places and allowed myself the little bit of pampering. Doing so has led me to realize that there are also some health benefits to getting pedicures. There are a few risks as well, and that mostly comes in the form of getting a nail infection. I actually did get a toenail infection once because of an unclean pedi.

Curing a nail infection takes time and patience, but it is curable. You don’t want to get pedicures if you have a nail infection. I used essential oils, especially lavender to kill it. Once it grew out, I was back to getting pedicures again.

So what are the health benefits of a pedicure?

Getting a foot massage with a pedicure feels great!

The first one is stress relief. Nothing feel as good as a food massage. Most people don’t know how to do it. But the people that do a good pedicure are the ones who usually will do a foot massage as part of it. Don’t skip it. It’s worth it and does relieve stress.

Another benefit is early detection of other problems. The pedicurist can look at your feet to see if there is any kind of corns, bunions or infection that you may not be able to see. By alerting you to these issues, you can address them before they become anything serious.

Preserving the moisture on the feet can make a world of difference, especially in the winter. I know I usually do more pedicures in the summer since I like to wear thong shoes, but during the winter our feet can get dry and cracked due to lower humidity.

Sexy feet are a turn on. I know I feel better about myself if my feet look good and my toenails are painted. I feel sexier, too, and don’t mind allowing my feet to rub up against my husbands at night.

Now, if I can just get HIM to get a pedicure. 😉

So go ahead and give yourself a little pampering. You deserve it. Your feet deserve it.



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