Is Stress Keeping You Fat?

Is Stress Keeping You Fat?

Stress. It’s one of the biggest health problems we have today. One of the craziest Presidential elections in United States history is just a few days away. A lot of us are feeling the stress and anxiety of waiting to see who’ll be our next President. I know I’ve felt it. It’s all anyone can seem to talk about these days.

The kind of stress life brings when we have access to news faster than ever before, has had me and several other friends of mine contemplating just unplugging from it all. Of course, none of us are willing to go first. 😉

Mainstream media likes to spin the narrative to make you believe that things are a certain way. Some of it can be mildly entertaining but I’ve found most of the time it leaves me shaking my head. I decided it was time to make some changes to what I allow my brain to consume.  And by making smart choices, I have reduced my stress considerably.Less Stress means more wellness

First, I’ve turned the TV off. If there is something I must watch, then I’ll set it to record. Then, I’ll watch it when it works for me. This has really helped to reduce the stress. And keep me from wasting time on shows that aren’t really entertaining.

Second, when I do want to know what is going on in the news, I avoid watching it on TV and instead choose my favorite website. Currently, that happens to be because there isn’t a lot of ads and it’s just easy to skim through the headlines and read what I want to read.

Third, I try to instead listen or read things that are important to my business or my happiness. I like to listen to podcasts about how to be happier or meditate. Maybe I’ll watch some yoga videos to learn better poses. It helps to get away from the muck of getting caught up in all the news about the politicians.

Dr. Mercola and other experts have been telling us for years about the health effects of stress.

Weight gain and/or difficulty losing weight in general is a common problem associated with stress. What’s worse, stress-induced weight gain typically involves an increase in belly fat, which is the most dangerous fat for your body to accumulate as it increases your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Stress alters the way fat is deposited because of the specific hormones and other chemicals your body produces when you’re stressed. For example, recent research7 shows that chronic stress stimulates your body to produce betatrophin — a protein that blocks an enzyme that breaks down body fat.

Even when you’re trying to not pay attention to all the negativity in the world, it’s almost impossible to escape it.  So when you’re trying to eat healthier and make good choices, having too much stress in our lives weakens our resolve and makes it easier to fall into our old familiar eating patterns.  If you have a weight problem, that could set you back.

Fresh Fried Chicken

I know, I’ve been there. Especially, when something is going on in my personal life that adds to that stress. The healthy diet goes out the window and I allow myself to enjoy the little thing called “comfort food.”

We need to find ways to combat the stress so that our bodies can do what it needs to stay healthy.

Here are some ways to keep up the good fight:

  1. Exercise. Research has shown over and over that even small amounts of physical activity can reduce stress.
  2. Nature. Find ways to get outdoors and connect with the earth and nature. Staying inside you miss so many thing.
  3. Yoga. It’s not just for hippies. It really is one of the secrets of youth.
  4. Aromatherapy. Essential oils can work wonders on our mental and emotional health.
  5. Calming music. Notice I didn’t just say music. Some music is meant to excite and makes you want to get up and move. That’s good for when you want to exercise. But when you want to relax, it’s important to find the right kind of music to relax to. Try finding ambient or spa sounds to help bring on the calm.

There are other ways you can find to reduce your stress and help keep you on the path to wellness. Sometimes it can be as simple as turning off the TV.


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